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1/1/2021 10:44:28 PM

[PC-EU] Project Harbinger - Harbingers Founder (new Clan) looking for you!

Hello Guardians! As you can see in the Title of this Thread we are a new Clan. Until now im the only one in the Clan. I want to create a group of people that can play together, do all the activities this game brings us and have a fun time. Any person can join! Rules: - Respectful to anyone! - All Addon's/DLC's - Request to join the Steam Groups (links are in the Clan-Bio) - Have fun! If you want to join this project then hit me up via message or just press this link and i will accepte you to the clan! [url][/url] Discord Server will follow in the next few days! Thx for reading and have a nice one! -Raccoon

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