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12/12/2020 10:15:30 PM

XBOX One Eastern/Central Time Zone - recruitment

XBOX One East Coast/Central Clan – recruitment [url=]BLACKMOON[/url] Hey folks, clan of mature, experienced Destiny players looking to round out our group with a few more active, mature and consistent people. We play every aspect of the game but without the stress of having to get everything done for every toon on every first day of reset. The core of us have been together since the start of D1 and we are still having fun. Currently we are looking to add a few more active, mature and consistent players to the clan. We are laid back, can take a joke as well as deal them back. The most important thing is that we respect each other and treat each other fairly. As for clan activities…if you want to run something go ahead, if there are folks online that want to do the same thing, go for it. We do have a Discord that's open to all clan members and try to coordinate any clan/fireteam activities through there. If this sounds like a group that you might be interested in, aren’t afraid to use your mic, and are relative to the time zone (East/Central US) shoot me a message on XB or go submit for membership on our clan page and we’ll give it a shot. [url=]BLACKMOON[/url] Thanks, BPIZZY

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