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Изменено (Hades): 11/24/2020 12:52:51 PM

WitchHammer (pc) Clan Recruitment Looking for active players.

Clan page: WitchHammer is looking for dedicated new members who would be online at a daily basis, For the new beyond light DLC and ofcourse the old content as well, We are looking for members in the EU zone because those have the same time zone as ours most of the time, ofcourse the USA is also welcome IF u can guarantee to be on sometimes during our playtime as well, Because it would be useless ofcourse if u joined our clan and would not be able to joine the activities, Besides al that we wil be doing the new and old content raids, We can teach u but we are also looking for experienced players in destiny 2 new players are also welcome we can help you if help is needed me myself and our 2 admins and some other experienced players can teach you any raid in the game no isues at al they have hundreds of runs under their belt, We are a open, fun, chill clan with no big rules we just like having fun on destiny 2 and we dont force people to do anything they dont wana play, So if u have any interest let us know and we wil consider your recruitment, Thanks for considering us and have a nice day.

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