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    A PS3 Destiny community dedicated to all aspects of Destiny gameplay including but not limited to PvE, PvP (Crucible), Faction, Material and Reputation Farming, Patrols/Strikes/Raids, and new game modes like Trials and PoE as they are rolled out. A good match for the clan would be a player who plays consistently every week, someone who is helpful and willing to spend time on the Bungie forums helping people, and plans to play Destiny through it's full lifecycle.

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Hi guys, i'm a new member to this clan, and i wanted to ask for your help on achieving some trophies on my way to platinum. I just would like to get some guys together for a strike or two and maybe a raid if time permits. I'll be honest, i don't know how to do any of the raids. I may have killed Crota, but i was just carried. I would really like to get this done. I do not have a mic sadly, but i MIGHT have one by saturday. I would like to get this stuff done on Sunday if i can get a team by then, If you can help then please just comment below. Thanks guys!

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