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    A PS3 Destiny community dedicated to all aspects of Destiny gameplay including but not limited to PvE, PvP (Crucible), Faction, Material and Reputation Farming, Patrols/Strikes/Raids, and new game modes like Trials and PoE as they are rolled out. A good match for the clan would be a player who plays consistently every week, someone who is helpful and willing to spend time on the Bungie forums helping people, and plans to play Destiny through it's full lifecycle.

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10/13/2015 8:50:47 PM

The Iron Banner

Today is Tuesday, and Iron Banner is now here. I went in the Iron Banner first of all, I was in a worst team as random players in which is an unworthy players that may not be able to be strong enough to improvise the Zones and slay every Guardians coming in your way to stop them and must not let them control the Zone B. In the Iron Banner, we are now facing, and dealing with all worthy players and fair experience players who are very good in the Crucible. I am also good in the regular Crucible, but the problem is that in the Iron Banner, all enemies are in together as split into three groups to wipe you out each and single one of you, and that kill can cause you to lose the zones and they will claim the Zone B in their advance strategy. They will bring their eagle eyes of snipers, scrubs of shotguns in the flank spot where you will not see that coming, and strong fusion rifles to obliterate you quickly. If you see a sniper's red dot in front of you, I have six words for you: Get the #%@$ out of there. Snipers, take that sniper out as they will use for a clear headshot. There will be snipers everywhere in any Year 1 maps and Year 2 maps as well. As a strong advise, keep your both eyes open. I have another advise that you must need to accomplish your own goals in order to win in the Iron Banner. That means you must go get your allies. You go with any random players without your fireteam, you may not have a chances of winnings to defeat worthy Guardians. Without your team, they will hunt you down like a trophy. The Iron Banner is where you must bring your players in your fireteams of six who are very good in the Crucible in that way you will need a strong recommendation of mics in order to call out where are the enemies are coming from, where are they heading at, and what is their strategy weapons of their experience to use to kill you whoever stands in their way. You need to become better, together as usual to wipe one Guardian at a time, then the other. Zone B is where all Guardians will approach there in seconds and can kill you last if you reach there lately, and arrive there in simultaneously. However, be aware of one player, he or she is not alone. Hunters can be in cloak to sneak behind your six or in a flank spot once their friends are there in time to ambush you. The only suggestion is you must reach Zone B there first as for only worthy guardians to wipe out the strong ones. There will be Nightstalkers out there using their bows and arrows to suppress your supers, melees, and grenades, including tactical stuff like smokes and throwing blades for hunters. There will be Titan's Hammer soaring in the air everywhere to burn you alive using forge for more throwing hammers. There will be Warlocks using Self Resurrection to make sure you will be dead after you kill Warlock somewhere in time that you will see unexpectedly. I strongly advise for Titans, Hunters and Warlocks that if you see one person dead in front of you using self resurrection, you make sure use your super, suppress that Warlock in a perfect shot for Hunters to slow that Guardian down, Warlocks for Space Magic to obliterate quickly, and Titans you will use Fist of Havoc to encounter that player to make sure he or she stays down. Be on a look out for Warlock Stormcallers, they will bolt you hard enough as no mercy. And also, look out for Space Magics what Warlocks use to drop their bomb into any of you in together to encounter any supers, anything that you have damage that Guardian hard enough. Once there is Heavy Ammo inbound, I suggest you get there quickly before they will take it from you. Please make sure you check your corners before you claim your Heavy. They will sneak, and ambush you using either Space Magic, Fist of Havoc, or worst, Shadowshot with Blood Bound to suppress you hard enough to kill you and your entire fire team. If they have sneaked you during Heavy Ammo inbound, you make sure sneak them back as well whenever there will be another inbound. But, if you are going to sneak them to the other side of their Heavy Ammo, be very aware of them because one of them or more of them who can carry their supers to make sure you are not go near your enemy lines and then they have grab their Heavy Ammo if you are late to reach there in time. Many players will taunt you, and will test you badly to use like a rage quit, make sure you do not think anything use to kill, however, you imagine something to flank any Guardian, guess what, you will be shot with one shot, one kill. No mind. You do it, or do not. There is no word of try. I need worthy Guardians to join in the fight once we will face the experience players in the Iron Banner. Remember: fire teams only. No random players if your are going alone by yourself. Good luck out there. I'll see you in the Iron Banner.

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