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    We are a Halo:Reach clan. Unlike Mastergrunt789's clan we aren't wimp's. If you threaten us we'll kick your ASS and we don't take second best. Our main Branch will be Marines, but Airforce will be close behind. If you want to join message Inboundcoyote1 on Xbox 360 . Once we get more member's we'll expand to ODST and a Assiasin branch. I was just talking to DGA Truth, Leader of DGA and she said if we get 30 members we'll have an alliance with the most powerful clan in Halo:Reach. Message Inboundcoyote1 if you want to join. Only on Xbox 360. We will also have a Spy Branch (AKA Clan Hoppers) basically you will be going from clan to clan and tell me if there a threat. Message me Inboundcoyote1 only on Xbox 360

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