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The Venus Project REAL

"You're fighting to save the virtual world, join us in the real world."

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    Greetings guardians! This is a group for all Destiny players and Venus Project supporters who love this game and believe a better world is possible.  If you are positive, respectful and want to connect with good people, please join the clan! All skill levels are welcome. Come to have fun and just maybe learn about a powerful idea that could feasibly change society and the planet for the better. Personal insults, derogatory remarks or disrespect in any way to anybody will result in the ban button getting smashed on you with a fist of havoc! :-o Please don't teabag people in pvp while you're in this clan, that's just disrespectful and not what we're about. OK? If you don't know what The Venus Project is, join us and find out or visit and you just might forge your Destiny for real!

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