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2/2/2015 3:33:05 PM

Give Your Opinion

[b][u]couple of ideas , leave your comment/opinion[/u] [/b] - weekly nightfall, heroic and daily heroic would drop either radiant or ascendant materials - have more bounties available each day - have xûr sell heavy weapon synthesis again - drop the price of heavy ammo synthesis at weapon vendor - being able to sell your materials again (spirit bloom and stuff) -being able to explore the rest of the tower -being able to equip more than 1 exotic weapon in PVE -have more choices at character creations, like add height, being able to modify the face even more -being able to buy characters materials (plasteel plating, saphire wire etc.) -add ghosts shells -have more space in vault -have spaceship and being able to freely navigate through space, like a mission you need to be in a space ship and need to find some abandoned out-post somewhere deep in space or ish [u] [b]I also few question maybe you guys can answer[/b][/u] -why is the helmet the faction sells more expensive then the rest of the armor peices? -Why can't they add a team finder for weekly heroic and nightfall ? -why limit the amount of vanguard and crucible marks you can earn per weeks?

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