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Изменено (Some Illusion): 1/30/2015 4:30:05 PM

Please Read! Interesting topic! Stop predicting what Xûr is gonna have and quit complaining to Bungie about selling Gjallarhorn/IB/Suros and maybe your dream will come true!

I hope you guys realize if you post a pictures of Xûr with a fake inventory to try to get Bungie to sell what's on that picture isn't gonna help the fact that you guys want Gjallarhorn or Suros! Just stop predicting what he is gonna have and maybe he will sell something he hasn't sold or something that you want. But Bungie aren't gonna just hand us the key to there game like that. They are trying to make you put in hours into a game that is good but that has some problems that anger people. But just bcz Xûr or Bungie upsets you doesn't mean you give up on the game. Just keep grinding and grinding and I promise you that you will get what you want. But it will take you being committed and determined to get what you want by playing a lot of hours. For example I have +950 hours on destiny and I still haven't got what I want which is HARDLIGHT. My best friend Chopper has put in +1000 hours into the game just to try to get a shader from the Nee Monarchy. He has all exotics guns except Necro. He doesn't care about guns. He cares so much about getting that shader he has put in so many hours to get his New Monarchy rank to 58 and still not get his shader. He definitely deserves it but still hasn't gotten it. Sadly he has moved on to Dead Orbit to try to get Revenant which I have. But please just don't give up and keep grinding and grinding. Which means play constant raids/strikes/crucible. It's not easy to get what you want but you should keep trying. Edit: Everyone please keep this high on the forums! And Please I'm not trying to bash on anyone or bash on Bungie. They made a game that is addicting but we all get frustrated with. Please keep calm and just give me your thoughts.

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