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1/24/2015 4:45:07 PM

Fast Drink Drive Through Instead of Fast Food Drive Throughs





would anyone go to this drive thru? I'm thinking of an idea of a drive through drink stop. Similar to fast food but fast drinks. Prices will be competitive with circle k prices of 44 oz sodas and the variety that they have maybe more. So if you're thirsty and you want a drink on the way to work or you just don't wanna park the car walk in and walk out; there's now a drive thru that offers all your favorite drinks at competitive prices because man hours to produce fast drinks for people in the go isn't too stressful and it's a pretty simple job for those in high school or older people. This place will focus solely on beverages, no food. The list of options to choose from would consist of but no limited to: 1.all brands of soda; hot or iced 3.teas; fresh brews or flavored 4.slushies 5.milks; Carmel, strawberry, chocolate, other 6.water 7.juices All beverages have the option for the customer to add in flavors to their drinks like a squirt of vanilla or cherry or some extra caffeine or any other add-in you can think of. As a bonus if this place does well, it could offer a walk in area that will offer alcohol beverages similar to a gas station or liquor store. And if it gets a lot of customers, maybe two drive thrus on both sides of the building could speed up sales. Patent pending.

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