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Exotic Ideas

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Well everyone has an idea for an exotic gun or piece, but I figured I'd share my two cents. [b]Lunar Eclipse-42[/b] Type: Sniper Rifle Element:Arc Magazine/clip: 6 Rate of Fire:40 [||||------] Impact:11 [|---------] Range:64 [||||||----] Stability:85 [||||||||--] Reload:82 [||||||||--] Perk 0: Rotating Barrels This weapon can be fired in full auto Perk 0.1: no change Perk 0.2: Range -10, stability +15 Perk 0.3: Stability -5, impact +10 Perk 1: Zen moment Dealing damage increases stability Perk 2.1-2.3 Quickdraw, flared magwell, perfect balance Perk 3: Blood Moon: Landing a precision shot increases damage of next shot. Stacks 6x. [i]Flavor Text[/i] [u]The last remnant of a legendary Evo Gunsmith on the moon, this gun carries a legacy[/u] [b]No Middle Man[/b] Type: Rocket Launcher Element:Void Magazine/Clip: 1 Rate of Fire:10 [|---------] Blast Radius: 95 [|||||||||-] Velocity: 60 [||||||----] Stability: 25 [||--------] Reload: 62 [||||||----] Perk 0: Blink Drive Rocket "blinks" towards destination, arriving instantaneously Perk 0.1: No change Perk 0.2: Blast Radius -5, reload +10 Perk 0.3: Blast Radius -10, reload +15 Perk 1: Unflinching Easier to aim this weapon on fire Perk 2.1-2.3 Snapshot, Heavy Payload, Flared Magwell Perk 3: Special delivery Rockets fired will deploy tracking grenades upon detonation (like the ones deployed by fallen ships and devil walkers if you get to close) [i]Flavor Text[/i] [u]"Built from pieces of Fallen Servitors. Cruel, but efficient" - Commander Zavala[/u] [b]Silvered Basilisk MSc[/b] Type:Pulse Rifle Element:Kinetic Rate of Fire:70 [||||||||||||||------] Impact:15 [|||----------------] Range:27 [|||||--------------] Stability:65 [|||||||||||||-------] Reload:48 [|||||||||----------] Perk 0.1: no change Perk 0.2: Range +10, stability -5 Perk 0.3: Range + 15, RoF -5 Perk 1: Headseeker Body shots with this weapon increase precision damage for a short time Perk 2.1-2.3 Snapshot, Hammer Forged, Perfect Balance Perk 3: Petrification Landing all 3 shots will slow down your target( similar to weight of darkness, except in PvP players can still jump. Stacks 5x, wears off in 7 seconds.) [i]Flavor Text[/i] [u]War cannot be beautiful, but instruments of war can[/u] [b]Immovable Object[/b] Class:Titan Armor Piece: Boots Perk 1: Carry more heavy ammo Perk 2: Immovable Object After crouching for a short time (6 sec) you gain an overshield. (30 seconds cooldown, dissipates after 10 seconds) [i]Flavor Text[/i] [u]The Darkness tried to shift me, but the light made me incorruptible[/u] [b]Helping Hand[/b] Class:Hunter Armor Piece:Guantlets Perk 1: Special Weapon Loader Increases your reload speed for special weapons Perk 2: Fastball Increases Grenade throw distance Perk 3: Helping Hand Golden Gun shots ricochet off surfaces (3x max) [i]Flavor Text[/i] [u]>You better put me on quickly #I'd listen to him, he has more experience than you[/u] [b]Unfathomable Heat[/b] Class: Warlock Armor Piece: Gauntlets Perk 1: Special Weapon Loader Increases your reload speed for special weapons Perk 2: Energy Projection Increases grenade throw distance Perk 3: Cosmic Flame Solar Grenades leave a burn/DoT effect on victims [i]Flavor Text[/i] [u]You are the flame, a source of absolute light[/u]

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