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Изменено (WhySoSyrup): 1/18/2015 6:13:36 AM

A New Exotic Scout Rifle Idea

I've really come to enjoy Destiny, but let's be honest, everyone would be happier with more content, especially more exotics. After looking through all of the exotic weapons, I was shocked to see only one exotic scout rifle! Although at first it was very rarely used, Vision of Confluence quickly changed people's minds on the scout rifle due to high damage and accuracy. But, there needs to be another exotic scout rifle, one far better and more attractive than MIDA,and I propose the concept that so many have wanted, a crossbow titled Holy Retribution. A weapon of light mixed between a crossbow and scout rifle, Holy Retribution has the potential for an intriguing storyline in order to achieve the weapon, one that could really take a firm grasp on the Saint 14 story (look up some of the lore, it is amazing). The perks are: Blessing of Light-arrows pierce targets and cause lingering (light-type) damage over time. Holy Trinity- three shots are fired in a spread when fired from the hip (a sort of burst function). The Holy Trinity would allow for a new play-style with scout rifles, adding a refreshing and exhilarating new way to play Destiny and an opportunity to create a fantastic storyline and exotic. Now the fun part (how it looks, duh). The weapon would have a dark wood grip with a white-looking material with engravings. The crossbow arms are made of the wood and the string appears to be made of light, either glowing gold, white, or blue. The scout rifle has a smooth look to it, very flowing and handcrafted. The body would look like a scout rifle, but with a noticeable smoothness and artisanship. I ask for this not only because it would be amazing, but because new ideas could spawn from this. Fellow Guardians, suggest ideas and changes, create an exotic series, make mission concepts! Let's start helping Bungie improve their game if we want it to be better! How about a hand cannon called David's Sling? A launcher called the Red Sea? A pulse rifle named the Other Cheek (turn the other cheek)? For my final and most exciting suggestion, I say if there is a storyline, revolve it around the Darkness. Literally, make the bosses Darkness incarnated. If a certain Fallen house or Hive group, maybe even Cabal legion served under the Darkness, the story could be spectacular! Thank you everyone who read this, you are much appreciated! P.S.: DONT MAKE IT A PLAYSTATION EXCLUSIVE IF THIS ACTUALLY BECOMES A THING!

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