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I Am the Guardian, So Let Me FLY!

Check this out, Bungie. The world of Destiny is filled with amazing views and incredible vistas, all of them tucked away under the awesome horizons and skies! The Guardians hold their ground against the darkness, but how long will it take for death to rain from above? What will the Guardians do when Destiny's sky rains down fire and squadrons of drop ships? I KNOW! Picture it. The guardian stands alone a couple hundred yards from the edge of safety... You mash the button for your ghost then quickly hold the button to summon up your sparrow, expertly clapping down the boost. In a flash, you've propelled your Guardian forward towards the cliff. There's no where else to go... The sparrow clears the edge of the cliff, and in midair, the Sparrow's new flight upgrade materializes an extended wingspan and an extra fiery engine that explodes in a beautiful blue flame. The Guardian has taken the fight to the skies! Spiraling, barreling, knifing and ducking through the clouds to defeat the enemies that strike from above! There is no threat the Guardians of Earth can not face! Make it a 30+ exclusive, a DLC story campaign feature. (But if you do, include plenty of Cinematics). This brings me to something else. I will pay money as long as you tell me a good story. But don't you dare just shamble it together. I played Halo, I want Halo length. Finish your damn story! Dungeons and repeatable little strikes and patrols don't cut it. Give me growth and familiarity, change, adventure and then at last finality. By the way, I have a spaceship. I want to blow things up/set off into the void on an important mission in my spaceship... And yes, I'm talking about spaceship pilot missions. These three things will expand the Destiny universe and give it some intrigue. (Also, melee class in the future? Nightfall raid? Level cap increase? New weapon armor types beyond exotic? I.e 'Illuminated', 'Luminous', items The world you've created is amazing. Now let me truly explore its fiction and its geography. If you can't do any of this. Then the least you can do is give me more Cinematics to drool over. Starring my Guardian. Not your bullshit renders.

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