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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
1/16/2015 8:21:22 PM

Why Xur selling the Icebreaker is great for everyone

Coming from someone who got blessed with Icebreaker from a random drop long ago (or if you believe I earned it, one could say I willed it into existence), I'm here to say that the Icebreaker becoming available to everyone (Christmas initiates included) is a benefit to everyone! Seriously. Now your whole fireteam can have the advantage of unlimited long range ammo. That means more flexibility for roles in strikes and raids. It helps everyone. Notions of "uniqueness" from owning one of the most popular exotics are seriously overrated. Rather than trying to base your enjoyment of the game on whether or not you have gear the guy next to you doesn't have (and then whining when it becomes available to others--never hurting you in any way btw), how about we try enjoying the game for the experiences we share with others? You should be happy for others who can experience the awesomeness that is the Icebreaker.

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