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Изменено (WileEWolf): 1/14/2015 7:58:14 PM

QUESTION: Voice-chat Etiquette

My last console was Sega Genesis, and I have probably played about 3 computer games in the past 15 years, so all this new tech stuff is a bit strange to me. What do people expect when you join a voice chat? For me, gaming is kind of my individual personal time to get away from things, so I don't really want to be all conversational and whatnot with randoms... just say hi, whats up and then discuss strategy and point out enemies or whatever... conversational a little bit I guess, but mostly game focused. I dunno if that is "socially awkward" in the modern gaming, is it? Any other etiquette things? Like when I first did a voice chat someone asked me to turn my speaker volume down... that was something I hadn't thought of before hand. Someone also asked for my real name... I just learned what "AFK" means.. so I've picked up a few etiquette sort of things but what else is there?

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