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1/12/2015 7:20:40 AM

Ideas to make Destiny more interesting

Here are some ideas I got while playing Destiny which could help increase diversity in the game (some ideas may have been brought first by someone else in another post which I haven't read so sorry in the case it happens). [b]1. Weapons and Armors Forge:[/b] Just saying it sounds cool and I wonder why is this not a thing already. As I see it we could go see the weapon dealer and like a questline start by choosing which weapon we want to build, for example let's choose to make a pistol. Then we would need to collect specific loot from monsters (example: collect 10 fallen weapons piece). Afterwards go back to the weapon dealer and build it by adding elemental damage or not (paid with ressources), then choosing perks (paid with light motes) given from the perks we have accumulated by destroying others weapons (following the structure of an legendary weapons, two main perks and one between 3 others). At the end you pay the the guy and tada your own personnalised weapon with style, colors and etc. For armor creation, I was thinking it could be similar yet also give an opportunity to still be maximum level by destroying raid armor to make custom one so we would not have eveyone look the same and creating some from base which would not directly give you the maximum light level. [b]2. Visiting the City:[/b] Many opportunities lies below the tower, the city is big and we could add more depth to the tower fonctionnality: -Factions district (players could be member of factions and the factions could give something more than just weapons skins and armor). Like a faction tournament (PVP, Leaderboard between factions, etc.) -Clans building (many players are in a clan and it doesn't have much impact in the game, as said before, clans tournament in pvp and clans leaderboard could be interesting, etc.) -Sparrow racetrack (races between players would be something fun and different to have). I will add more ideas if I get more, comment and I can add them here. Thanks for reading.

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