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1/6/2015 4:25:05 PM

The solution to Destiny's lack of content

We are all well aware of the lack of content on destiny, the repetitive and same missions that we always do, running the same non stop strikes all the time, so what's the solution? [b]User Content Creator[/b] Give us gamers the ability to do your job, I'm sure a lot of people won't mind (including me), I would be happy to create a strike and see others try to go over it and attempt to complete it, I wouldn't even mind paying to unlock the content creator. Having a content creator will open the door to new and exciting ways of playing destiny, and to encourage people on creating fun and challenging stuff, Bungie could feature the most voted or most liked strike per week or even per month. This would definitely have to be a side part of Destiny, where no XP or rewards could be offered (given the fact that some strikes might be really easy), but the featured strike chosen by Bungie will be elegible for rewards like any other strikes. Let me know what you think, and share a bump if you agree with my idea :)

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