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Xur Exotic Upgrade mechanic

Keep the price at 1Shard


Set the price to at least 2 Shards


Seth the price relatively higher than 2 Shards


In advance, some people may not agree with this because they enjoy the redundancy in the upgrade system as it means they can save shards, but I play to invest and save items [i]while making progress[/i] and this seems to ruin the game for me. The current reforge system for Xur requires 1 exotic shard to upgrade exotic Armour or weapons to DLC/Update strength, but I'm assuming it will cost 1 shard again the next DLC drop, and the next, so people may end up just hoarding their exotics until the 4th DLC drop, then upgrade them afterwards, making the whole thing pointless or at least removing the incentive for most/some players. I'm suggesting that the upgrade should cost more after the first DLC for weapons that are still Unforged, For example: Second DLC: Thorn at 331 Damage - Costs 1 shard to upgrade to DLC 2 status Second DLC: Thorn at 300 Damage - Costs 2 shards to upgrade (or maybe three to increase the incentive of upgrading initially so players feel they are getting something out of it, Maybe at least 1 exotic shard and, like, 4 ascendant energy). This would mean that players can enjoy upgrading weapons and Armour without feeling as though they've wasted or lost something At the release of DLC 3 It should be bumped up again, but as I said before, these prices should only affect unforged exotics, and the DLC three ones should also depend on whether the item is DLC 2 level or not. DLC 3: Thorn at 3?? Damage - 1 shard to upgrade DLC 3:Thorn at 331 Damage - +1 shard to upgrade DLC 3:Thorn at 300 Damage - +2-3 Shards to upgrade It should work the same for Armour as well. I hope bungie sees this. I'll probably never upgrade any Items until this happens (Or that there is conformation that it will already happen, seen as DLC 2 isn't even out yet (At the time of typing). I've set this as a poll so people can put forward opinions, I know there will be some who disagree so voice that if it's what you think. [spoiler]I don't want to delete this post, so I'm going to correct one of the poll options here. The third option means that the cost of DLC 2 unforged items will be 1 shard and some other Items. It is not suggesting they should cost 2 shards and some items, or an amount of other items equivalent to more than two shards. This would be expensive, and under-powered, and may even increase the incentive to upgrade straight away, lol k prob solved bai. [/spoiler]

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