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12/24/2014 2:51:26 PM

Raid Stats...What are the odds??

So I was just looking over my main character, which is usually Level 31, but I got the Raid Helmet last night and a Raid chest piece I like better than the one I had so back to Level 30. That's besides the point, I went to just look at my stats to see how many kills, deaths, orbs, precision kills and so on and didn't realize there was a [i]Best Single Game Kills[/i] so I take a look and I couldn't have done this if I wanted too, I have[b] 777 kills [/b]as my best game. I'm not gloating as I'm sure there are people who are way better and have most certainly surpassed me, [i]but if you know Bungie, than you know what 777 means.[/i] Just thought I'd share. Anyone else have any stat that matches with something popular with Bungie or gaming in general, such as 1337 (elite). Let me know below and Happy Holidays everyone.

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