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12/23/2014 8:27:21 AM

How to stop Strike AFKers

We all know and hate strike afkers. And today, while doing some ROC, I came across quite a few throughout numerous games and it got me thinking a bit on how to stop people from going afk. Or, at the very least, not reward them. Perhaps a system that requires the player to kill (at minimum) 5 enemies in each checkpoint/area. By checkpoint/areas I mean the areas that must be completed in order to get to the boss (killing the 3 servitors on venus etc). Although this may not stop everyone from going afk as they could get the kills then afk again, it will lower the amount of people who afk and can entice people to play for the rest of the strike since they are already fighting they might think "eh, might as well keep killin' ". What do you people think? If you can think of a better solution, please comment it.

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