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Destiny 2 Intro

Ghost (voiced by a synthesizer, not Peter Dinklage)—“I can’t believe how fast it all happened…” Cut from black to stylized scenes of the tower being reduced to ashes, and the city being invaded, amidst the sound of the Ghost coughing, which sounds almost more like static. (Cut to black) Guardian—“Well get used to it, we’ve got work to do…and are your voice coils still acting up?” Cut to the dead of night with the only light coming from the engine of a sparrow, as it whizzes past the camera and towards the crumbling remains of The City in the distance: Ghost—“Yeah, the replacements still don’t mesh quite right…” Cut to a Fallen Dreg, one of a dozen guarding a crumbling gate to the city, as he turns towards the sound of an incoming Sparrow. He points and screams as the others open fire, but it’s too late. The camera pans to see a shadowy figure leap from the sparrow, lightning coursing through his arms as he flies 30 feet through the air and slams down on the fallen. Cut to a shockwave bursting through the gate, obliterating everything and sending bodies flying. As electricity still arcs across the ground, the camera pans up from the ankles of the guardian to his face as he slowly walk forward, surveying his destruction. With an angry sigh, the guardian takes off his helmet, and you see that it is YOUR guardian as he looks on with genuine sadness at what remains of the city. He holds up his hand and his battered old Ghost materializes in the air. Guardian—“Ghost, find me the leader of these fallen… find me the one who did this.” Ghost—“My sensors don’t detect anything (cough!), I guess we’ll just have to look arou..” The guardian abruptly shoves the Ghost away, unholsters his primary weapon, kicks over a dying Dreg, and points the gun in its face, roaring: “WHERE, is your Kell?!” Through the Dreg’s shattered helmet you can see its fanged face grumble defiant gibberish, then it wrenches and spits slime at the guardian. Cut to the Guardian wincing as the slime hits his face, then glaring and firing his weapon. The guardian rolls his eyes as he wipes off the slime, and his ghost stares at the dead dreg for a moment before floating right to the guardian’s face: Ghost—“Ok, YOU need to calm down.” Guardian (glaring)—“This is my home Ghost…” (snatches the ghost down like a baseball. It squirms briefly, then dematerializes. Camera zooms very close to face) “…now, NOW this is PERSONAL!” he growls. From the close-up the camera flips around so it is now in first-person, as the Guardian materializes his helmet into his hand and shoves it over his head (and the camera) which brings you to normal first-person with HUD and all, and the player gains control of movement. Ghost—“…I still think you need to amp down…” Guardian—“ …shut up, little light…” Ghost—“Hey!” “Press square to reload” flashes on the screen as the tutorial takes over and guides you through the rubble, shooting low level Fallen as you and your ghost bicker all the way…

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