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The Halo PC/CE Ultimate Enhancement Guide. Updated 25/7/2015.

Halo PC = Halo Combat Evolved Halo CE = Halo Custom Edition [u]Update Video Card, Audio Card, And Network Drivers[/u] JUST DO IT [u]Install The Latest Version Of Halo PC/CE[/u] No previous patches required Official Copy Unofficial Copy [u]Force Your Video Card To Recognize Halo CE (haloce.exe)[/u] NVIDIA does not recognize the .exe of Halo CE meaning that any custom set options in the "Manage 3D" are ignored. To fix this open NVIDIA control panel, go to "Manage 3D settings" tab, click "Program Settings", click "Add", then find haloce.exe [u]Force Halo PC/CE To Recognise Your Video Card[/u] If your video card was made post-2006, Halo PC/CE will list it as ''Unknown'' in config.txt located within your Halo PC/CE directory. To fix this: 1. Double click Halo PC/CE, hold down Ctrl 2. A small widow will appear with a code such as ''0x05e2'' 3. Copy this code and open config.txt 4. Under your video card vendor, before Unknown = "Unknown", create a new entry named as your video card, e.g 0x05e2 = "GeForce GTX 260". Add the following: [b]UseAnisotropicFilter[/b] Improves quality of oblique textures. After force to x16 in your video control panel for max quality [b]DisableBuffering[/b] Eliminates input lag [b]DisableAlphaRenderTargets[/b] Eliminates scope blur in a superior fashion to HAC 2 (see below), makes some textures very shiny, breaks active camo, breaks night vision. Optional Repeating step 1 should now show a window stating your current video card, not ''unknown'' as before [u]Install HAC 2[/u] HAC 2 is a unofficial patch for Halo PC/CE by Btcc22 compatible with Halo PC and CE. Features include bug fixes, automatic map downloading and engine upgrades. Download here: Video [u]HAC 2 Tweaks[/u] [b]Set A Custom Field of View[/b] Press F6 in game [b]Reduce Scope Blur[/b] See below on how to enable the console. Execute ''scope_blur 0'' [b]Correct Widescreen HUD Scaling[/b] Execute ''hac_widescreen 1''. Disable if using OpenSauce as its widescreen scaling is better. Scaling looks better on some maps when turned off. [b]Enable Custom Chat[/b] Replace Halo's ugly chat console with a Reach style replacement. Execute ''custom_chat 1'', adjust with ''font_size x'' [b]Bookmark Servers[/b] Press F4/F5 in game [b]Copy Server IP Address[/b] To share server addresses, execute "copy". This will copy the server's IP and password onto your clipboard. Right click to paste in Halo's console [u]Install OpenSauce[/u] Compatible with Halo CE only, developed by Kornman00 and TheFieryScythe, Open Sauce v4 adds post processing, advanced shading and support for HD .yelo maps. [b]OpenSauce and HAC 2 are not fully compatible, see [url=]here for news[/url][/b] [url][/url] Now go play the two finest maps ever produced on the Blam engine! [u]Install The Universal User Interface[/u] This UI replacement for Halo CE by MooseGuy removes update checks making joining multiplayer games faster. It includes menus for custom made singleplayer maps. To install, drop into your Halo CE maps folder [u]Play The Original Campaign in Halo CE[/u] Thanks to the work of austen1000 and Renamon, playing the original campaign on Halo CE's engine is possible. Open Sauce will improve graphics and the UUI will unlock all levels automatically [url][/url] [u]Enable Antialiasing[/u] Standard AA does not work on Halo PC/CE NVIDIA users force FXAA in your video control panel AMD users force MLAA in your video control panel Highest AA quality possible [i]SweetFX listed below may also be used to inject SMAA/FXAA[/i] [u]Improve Input Lag And Online Performance[/u] Set Halo network settings according to your internet upload speed. Use [url][/url] as a guide or login to your router. Speedtest reports lower upload speeds than actual, so select next highest setting in Halo if upload results are slightly lower than what is available. Use CAT6/5e cables, don't use wireless or Homeplugs. Turn off bandwidth eaters like phone wifi and Steam. To lower WAN pings, ask your ISP to disable interleaving. To reduce input lag: disable vsync, enable ''game mode'' on your monitor, use VGA, make sure ''maximum pre-renderd frames" is set to app-controlled or 1 in your video card settings, set mouse polling rate to maximum, and set your monitor to its highest refresh rate. Research HPET, I have it disabled In multiplayer servers, type ''/info'' into chat ingame to check if the server uses nolead. Nolead, part of SAPP server software, patches Halo PC/CE's notorious netcode problem whereby players must apply ''shot leading''. One must shoot his target slightly farther than one would do naturally, this worsens the higher your ping. Nolead fixes this and for new/inexperienced players especially, a server that implements it is highly preferable to servers that don't. Take advantage of Halo's glitches: [u]Improve Graphics With SweetFX[/u] Use [url=]SweetFX[/url] for post processing effects. Incompatible with Xfire ingame [url=]Youtube tutorial[/url] Sweetfx's successor is in the works: [u]Fix Assault Rifle HUD Glitch[/u] 1. Download [url=]Halo Mapping Tools v3.5[/url] 2. Read [url=]this post[/url] 3. Open a Halo PC map (not with HMT 4. Navigate to ui\hud\bitmaps\combined\hud_ammo_meters 5. Replace old bitmap with new .dds file from the post 6. Decline to update image size [u]Force Highest Quality Shaders[/u] Works for Halo PC, works for Halo CE singleplayer maps only. [u]Texture Mods[/u] Multiplayer texture packs are only compatible with Halo PC [url=]Halo FTW[/url] [url=]Halo Revolution[/url] This is Halo CE compatible due to using TexMod, editing textures in real-time: [u]Command Line Parameters and Key Commands[/u] Right click on Halo's shortcut, adding them to the ''target'' field. A space is required before each [b]-console[/b] Activate by pressing the tilde key (Left of 1) in-game [b]-nowinkey[/b] Disables Windows keys [b]-nojoystick[/b] Disables joystick detection, improving FPS [b]-novideo[/b] Disables intro movies [b]-screenshot[/b] Press ''print screen'' in-game to take HD .tga screenshots saved in your Halo directory [b]-use21[/b] Improves shader quality [b]-window[/b] Launches in a window. Press ALT Enter while windowed to enter [b]borderless window mode[/b] [b]-timedemo[/b] Launches in benchmark mode, the results of which are saved as timedemo.txt in your Halo directory [b]Press:[/b] ALT Enter to minimize the game if in fullscreen mode ALT F4 to quit to desktop CTRL F12 to view your Frames Per Second (FPS) To execute the following at each Halo launch, create init.txt within your Halo PC/CE directory and paste them there without quotes [b]Executing:[/b] 'rasterizer_fps 1' in the console displays a higher detail FPS counter 'multiplayer_hit_sound_volume 1' loudens hit sound in Halo CE 'mouse_acceleration 0' increases mouse accuracy 'fov x' sets FOV (HAC 2) 'cls' clears console 'show_hud 0' disables HUD 'about' shows HAC 2 version 'devcam 1' activates devcam. Hold left-click to move, hold down middle mouse button and scroll to adjust speed (HAC 2) To properly use a controller, paste the following within init.txt player_magnetism 1 player_autoaim 1 set_pitch_rate .1 set_yaw_rate .1 [u]Fix Audio Hardware Acceleration, Enable EAX[/u] For Creative cards, use [url=]Creative ALchemy[/url] to enable Hardware Acceleration/EAX, drastically improving Halo's sound quality. For Realtek onboad, [url=]these drivers[/url] enable EAX. I use these. Realtek 3D SoundBack/Creative ALchemy Universal are awful, don't use them [u]Halo On Linux With Wine[/u] [u]Community[/u] For its age Halo PC/CE has one heck of a community. Players use to contact others (RIP Xfire). Add me @ Join us in the forums most popular Be sure to check our annual show on all that is Halo CE

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