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Become a Dark Guardian. Vol.I

Fighter | Flux Titan


Vanquisher | Core Titan


Deathbringer | Blight Hunter


Executioner | Flux Hunter


Doomsayer | Core Warlock


Moonbreaker | Blight Warlock


No I will not give into the Darkness.


[b][Update][/b] [i]10/11/15[/i] The thread was created [b]12/10/14[/b], so a lot has changed with lore and the subclasses. Anyways, I'm currently in the process of redoing this thread to fit in with the third subclasses. Having 6 subclasses per class is a bit too much so I'm leaning towards a dark fourth subclasses instead, most people dislike the idea of multiple dark elements so expect to see Blight subclasses like Eris Morn, Dredgen Yor, Toland the Shattered, Seggoth (maybe), etc. Thanks for favoriting this thread, I hope this might inspire a Horde vs Alliance like system for Destiny 2. Continue below for the original post. _____ [u]WARNING[/u] [quote]This contains forbidden text that will result in exile from the Traveler's presence in order of the speaker If applied.[/quote] [i](You hear the book call to you, a power is felt coming from through pages. Curious of the energy, you ignore the warnings on the cover and begin to read.)[/i] [b]You, guardian, can choose your new campaign against the Darkness. After mastering one form of light: Solar, Arc, or Void. Will you then learn the secrets of the Darkness by tainting your mastered light? Should you fight Darkness with Darkness? That is up to you.[/b] [i]Below are the Parallels of light energy, you may only replace one type of energy with its parallel. Which one will you evolve?[/i] [b]Blight |[/b] [i]Solar Parallel[/i] [quote]Corrupted energy of the Light, burns with a green essence.[/quote] [b]Flux |[/b] [i]Arc Parallel[/i] [quote]Energy that despises other energy, gives off bolts of yellow and black.[/quote] [b]Core |[/b] [i]Void Parallel[/i] [quote]Solid darkness that seems to have mass. Light is brushed away at the edge leaving a pitch black tone in its center.[/quote] [b]The list below contains Dark Subclasses. You must devote yourself to one of these subclasses for the chosen character. Choosing a Dark Subclass removes super and melee abilities of its parallel as well as changing all subclass element type. Only one character can taint one mastered subclass of their choice. Shall we begin?[/b] ----- Flux [b]|[/b] Titan [b]Fighter |[/b] [i]Striker Parallel[/i] [quote]You have one job; take down the foe.[/quote] [spoiler] [b]Shutdown:[/b] Smash the ground with Flux energy taking down shields of enemies in close proximity and transferring power to you. Get increased damage for all abilities 10 seconds after Impact. Increase damage depending on the number of enemies hit by Shutdown. [quote] [b]Power Plant:[/b] Grenade and Melee abilities reset their cooldown for teammates in the radius after Shutdown is cast. [b]Stasis Field:[/b] Enemies hit by shutdown suffer movement speed loss. [b]Lock'n'Load:[/b] Recieve increased weapon damage depending on the amount of enemies hit by Shutdown. (For 10 seconds after impact.) [/quote] [b]Catalyst:[/b] Hit the target with a surge of Flux energy that explodes shortly after impact. [quote] [b]Adrenaline:[/b] Kills with Catalyst reduces its next Cooldown. [b]Overcharge:[/b] Catalyst explodes in a larger radius causing damage to others nearby. [b]Time Bomb:[/b] Catalyst activates much later after impact but at increased damage. [/quote] [/spoiler] ----- Core [b]|[/b] Titan [b]Vanquisher |[/b] [i]Defender Parallel[/i] [quote]We must adapt in order to survive.[/quote] [spoiler] [b]Wall Shield:[/b] Summon a tower shield of Core energy in front of you that uses up super energy over time and deflects incoming damage. Wall Shield can be turned off and on until Super energy depletes. Wall Shield halts movement when being cast. (Much like the Hive Knight's Shield.) [quote] [b]Reflective:[/b] Incoming fire bounces off its solid surface and has a chance to redirect it back to its sender. [b]Protective:[/b] Damage is absorbed and recycled as a small over shield to nearby teammates. [b]Sufficient:[/b] Wall Shield absorbs shots and directly refunds the ammo to your weapons. [/quote] [b]Rage:[/b] Glow red and get increased resistance for a brief duration after a melee. [quote] [b]Raw Strength:[/b] Melee attack speed and damage are increased while Rage is active. [b]Flight or Fight:[/b] Rage becomes shorter lasting but significantly increases damage resistance. [b]Blunt Focus:[/b] Weapons are easier to aim under fire when Rage is active and suffer less recoil damage. [/quote] [/spoiler] ----- Blight [b]|[/b] Hunter [b]Deathbringer |[/b] [i]Gunslinger Parallel[/i] [quote]Death is certain. Yours, not mine.[/quote] [spoiler] [b]Silver Arrow:[/b] [i]Golden Gun Parallel[/i] The hunter charges a bow with Blight energy and Fires one devastating arrow that leaves a corrosive pool below below the target. [quote] [b]Streamlined:[/b] The arrow aggressively curves toward a nearby target in its path and will not destroy until it seeks a target. [b]Disolve:[/b] Silver Arrow's victims leave a longer lasting and more deadly corrosive pool. [b]Bulls-eye:[/b] A precision hit with Silver Arrow refunds half your super energy. [/quote] [b]QuickDraw:[/b] [i]Throwing Knife Parallel[/i] Draw a bow that does more damage the longer its held and is more accurate when not moving. The arrow is released when the melee trigger is released. [quote] [b]Quivered:[/b] Precision kills reset QuickDraw's next cooldown. [b]Bleed:[/b] Enemies hit by QuickDraw receive a brief damage over time effect. [b]Robin Hood:[/b] QuickDraw is no longer affected by gravity and will travel further. [/quote] [/spoiler] ----- Flux [b]|[/b] Hunter [b]Executioner |[/b] [i]Bladedancer Parallel[/i] [quote]There is a dark art mastered only through suffering.[/quote] [spoiler] [b]Flux Katana:[/b] [i]Arc Blade Parallel[/i] The user charges a knife with flux energy extending the blades length and increasing melee damage throughout its duration. (lunges slower than Arc Blade but deals more damage.) [quote] [b]Disarm:[/b] Press RT to disable enemy weapons that are being used in the nearby area. [b]Guillotine:[/b] Press RT to use up the remaining amount of your super energy to release one devastating blow. (Does damage depending on the amount of super energy remaining.) [b]Assassination:[/b] Press RT when confronting an enemy to teleport behind them. [/quote] [b]Death Strike:[/b] [i]Blink Strike Paralllel[/i] A heavy melee attack that causes more damage the lower the user's health. [quote] [b]Counter:[/b] Death Strike dramatically increases its damage after being hit with a melee attack. [b]Reave:[/b] Immediately start regenerating health after a kill with Death Strike. [b]Judgement:[/b] Each kill with Death Strike reduces the cooldown for Flux Blade. [/quote] [/spoiler] ----- Core [b]|[/b] Warlock [b]Doomsayer |[/b] [i]Voidwalker Paralllel[/i] [quote]We can know more now than ever, but for the better or for the worse?[/quote] [spoiler] [b]Rift Split:[/b] [i]Nova Bomb Parallel[/i] Summons a destructive Rift away from the caster that does damage over time and slows movement speed on arrival. (Much like the Hive Wizards smoke cloud.) [quote] [b]Anomaly:[/b] Rift Split's victims burst into seeker bullets that damage nearby enemies. [b]Ruin:[/b] Rift Split can be locked onto and aimed at enemies when summoned. [b]Foresight:[/b] Extends the range of Rift Split significantly. [/quote] [b]Curse:[/b] [i]Energy Drain Parallel[/i] A melee attack that does no damage on hit but starts a lasting but slow damage over time effect. [quote] [b]Consume:[/b] Any Enemy killed while curse was active replenishes some health. [b]Plague:[/b] Each damage over time inflicted through Curse causes splash damage to enemies in close proximity. [b]Nightmare:[/b] Curse slowly (lightly) blinds the target in darkness for its duration. [/quote] [/spoiler] ----- Blight [b]|[/b] Warlock [b]Moonbreaker |[/b] [i]Sunsinger Parallel[/i] [quote]There is no hope unless we break the chains of our bondage.[/quote] [spoiler] [b]Luminance:[/b] [i]Radiance Parallel[/i] Enemies in close proximity suffer burning damage while Luminance is active. [quote] [b]Vow of Silence:[/b] Reduces the cooldown of your melee ability while Luminance is active. [b]Eclipse:[/b] Luminance slowly drains your health when active, dramatically increasing the damage dealt to enemies in your area. [b]Last Breath:[/b] Luminance activates beyond the grave causing a cursed thrall like explosion from your last location. [/quote] [b]Sever:[/b] [i]Scorch Parallel[/i] A weak melee attack that enables resistance from your hit target for a period of time. [quote] [b]Divorce:[/b] Melee attacks swap health between you and your target. [b]Tidal Grasp:[/b] Sever binds your target in place for a brief moment. [b]Fissure:[/b] Sever enables pure resistance against the user's target for a period of time. [/quote] [/spoiler] ----- [i](After learning these Dark secrets, you feel the need to make a choice. Do you pursue the forbidden power or do you keep the light within you pure?)[/i] [b]"A side must be chosen, Guardian. Even if it's the wrong side."[/b] I only hope you chose well. [i](You close the book and place it back on the shelf. A vision of a dark location calls to you to be tainted. The image never leaves your mind, and you know the Dark Power you would seek is there.)[/i] [url=]Become a Dark Guardian. Vol.II[/url]

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