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12/5/2014 6:56:55 AM
Funny, I'm roughly in the same position. I'm talking to my co-worker about it tomorrow. I don't think I'm going to leave though, they just need to cut my shifts. This job has really kicked my face into the ground, I've been pushing myself for far too long with it trying to adapt, but it's just resulted in me not sleeping or eating, which is really screwing with me, it just gets worse every week. I've worked stressful jobs before, it's just how it goes. But this one is just another beast entirely. I'm just going to go back to school and finish up my degree. I've been trying for five years to make it work without one, but at this point I'm just kind of thinking "-blam!- it, might as well". I'd rather have tried to fight for my future than to settle with whatever the hell I have now. Obviously this means I don't have another job lined up, and that's not such a bad thing really. I've only had a job lined up after quitting another one time, otherwise I've always been able to land on my feet.. or face considering they weren't of much help in the end. In any case, I'll survive it. Do what you feel you need to do. It's not like you were going to make a career out of your current job anyways, I assume. You'll find something else.

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