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11/25/2014 9:50:19 PM

Good changes to space & inventory

Basically with the new dlc coming Dec.9 ppl either have ran out of space or will run out of space very soon. Some small changes like your resources, glimmer, shaders, consumables should all be linked universally. It sucks to have to search your characters for that stack of coins or that 48 helium stack you need. Concerning shaders, once you earn or purchase them you use them like a consumable. They get stored to your drop down menu that way you can use them all without having to toss them away for others. And they are universal across all 3 characters like your glimmer. Finally about the vault space and inventory pages. Can we please get more space with all this new dlc and its gear and weapons it's gonna be murder on us all. Also can we also get the function to sort exotic, legendary, rare? What about hand cannon, sniper, shotgun? Hunter, warlock & Titan sort functions also? Just me thinking about space BEFORE I run out of it

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