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[PS4] Looking for More PSN Friends for New Games? Join SGC!

[B][SGC] - [U]Seriousless Gaming Community[/U][/B] [B]Getting tired of Destiny? Want more friends on PSN? Seriousless is looking for fellow gamers to join us online in Grand Theft Auto 5, Far Cry 4, or Dragon Age:Inquisition on PS4! We still support Destiny, but if you are getting any of these new games, we want to be your friend! (on PSN) :) [/B] [B]Website:[/B] [url][/url] [B]About Us:[/B] Seriousless is a casual gaming community based on forming friendships and keeping gaming fun since we were formed back in 2009. Our focus on member-created content and events has brought us many unique and memorable experiences gaming together over the years. We have members from all over the globe, mostly in the US and EU regions. We also have cake! (no lie) :D [B]Games & Platforms:[/B] We support any games our members decide to support, because our events are made by our members! We are mostly PS4, PS3, and PC gamers, but many of us have multiple platforms and we are open to all. [B]Recruitment Status:[/B] [B]OPEN![/B] - We are currently looking for friendly and mature players with a passion for gaming to join our community. We have no KDR or skill requirements, we just want to have more fun gaming with friends! Register & apply at [url=][/url] or just come check us out, we are happy to answer any questions you might have in our chat or on the forums. [B]NEW GAME HYPE!:[/B] SGC is gearing up for the big game releases this holiday season, and looking to add more players to our official rosters. We have a fairly big GTA crew already, but we want to get plenty more for the 30-player madness that will be GTA Online on PS4! Lots of us will also be getting FarCry 4 and Dragon Age:Inquisition, and we'll be looking for more friends to co-op with on those as well. So if you are getting any of these games and want some extra PSN friends, come on by and say hello! :) ________________________________________________ [B]Join now and gain exclusive access to our new GTA V custom signatures![/B] There are 50 of them to choose from and you can even request your own character render if you can provide one. I can also resize it as needed for other sites. See [url=]the gallery of all 50 here[/url]. Once you have joined, feel free to request your sig [url=]In This Topic[/url]. Thanks for your consideration! :D

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