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Weather and Area Specific Effects

A bit of change from topics regarding the recent nerfs. I think it would be neat if they added weather and other nifty effects to each of the planets that not only add some eye candy, but can change up the dynamic of how people must play. [b]Cosmodrone [/b] Rain - Players can slide further when outside in the rain. Snow - Vision limited based on how hard it's snowing. - Snow patches slow down player and enemy movement. Thunderstorm - Visual Effect - Lighting occasionally strikes and can deal damage. [b]Moon[/b] Miasma - Hive experiments cause a strange sickly mist to emanate onto the surface of the moon and in their caverns. - Slows down shield recovery. - More hive now wander the surface and fight with the fallen. - Fallen are no longer hostile to players unless attacked. They also prioritize hive enemies. Gravity - Why isn't the gravity lower on the moon? Shouldn't we be able to jump ludicrously high and descend slowly? At least give us a reason. [b]Venus[/b] Time Vortex - Whatever is happening in the Vault of Glass is bleeding over onto the surface of Venus. Time is starting to go awry up here... - Vex from the past, present, and future appear in more areas. - Vex attack Fallen areas and entrance to the House of Winter. - Fallen prioritize Vex over players. - Certain areas take on monochrome colors and the flow of time is distorted for objects. Ex. Items dropped move at a slower speed. Winter is Coming - Snow on Venus? That's odd... no time to worry about that! House of Winter is riled up and on a rampage! - Snowing like Earth - House of Winter Fallen are in more areas and trying to overrun Vex and players. [b]Mars[/b] Sandstorms - A vicious storm carrying the red sands of mars throughout the area. Who's that? Is it friend or foe? - Thick sand storms greatly limit the players vision outside. Snipers are going to be a lot harder to use... - Enemies have harder time detecting players. Only spot them when close up and easily lose track of them. - Shotguns might come in handy here... Vexing Mist - A strange mist descends onto the land, but scanners show it didn't originate from Mars and its causing interference with our equipment. It seems the Vex having something to do with this... keep your guard up! - Radar is malfunctioning and jammed. Sporadically detecting things that aren't there and completely unreliable. - Vex appear in more areas from the mist. - Killing Vex have a chance to drop a module that temporarily restores the Radar. Vex Majors are guaranteed to drop it. - Cabal's equipment are also suffering from the mist. Can only detect enemies through sight and sound. - Cabal appear in greater numbers to stand guard at their bases. What do you guys think? Have any other additions or suggestions? EDIT: Added Vexing Mist to Mar's list. EDIT 2: Added complaint about moons gravity.

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