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Would you like a challenge, Flood? (Read the OP) If you're not a poosee, commit to the challenge.

Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


Option 4


Option 5


Option 6


Option 7


[b][u]INSTRUCTIONS[/u] STEP ONE: vote for one of the options. STEP TWO: Click on the corresponding spoiler of the option you voted for, to reveal what your challenge is. [/b] [b][u]Good luck! [/u] [/b]Option 1: [spoiler]You must not fap for 5 consecutive days - starting today.[/spoiler] Option 2: [spoiler]You must give up junk/snack foods for the next 3 days; This includes: ALL chocolates, ALL fizzy drinks, ALL potato chips/crisps, ALL fast food and no pizza.[/spoiler] Option 3: [spoiler]You must not say a single curse word for the next 4 days - starting right now. No cursing in any form. Science terms that are considered vulgar are OK though. "copulate yourself" would be acceptable.[/spoiler] Option 4: [spoiler]For the next 24 hours, you are only allowed to listen to bands/music that you have never heard before. (Doesn't mean that it has to be shitty music).[/spoiler] Option 5: [spoiler]For the next 3 days, you have to eat 40 grams of freshly cut onions a day. Thats 40 grams of onion daily for the next 3 days. If you happen to be allergic to onion, you have to do the same with garlic.[/spoiler] Option 6: [spoiler]In the next 4 days, you have to do at least 20 push-ups daily.[/spoiler] Option 7: [spoiler]For the next 24 hours, you must only listen to 'One direction' and Justin Bieber music.[/spoiler] Dont like what you got? You can switch to a different option by adding 1 to the one you chose option - if you chose 7, you go back to 1.

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