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Minor Strike Modifiers

An idea to spice up Destiny's strikes, which can become rather stale when one has completed them tens of times, maybe even in succession in Vanguard Playlists. That is the most annoying thing. So, how do we make every single Strike a little bit more unique and add lots of replayability? Minor Strike Modifiers, modifiers that are rolled randomly for EACH strike. Think them like Halo series' skulls, but with more exact effects, and random. The "minor" actually comes more from the fact that they apply only to non-weekly strikes (I think the best way to implement this is to add these modifiers to Vanguard Playlists, as that's the place that needs them the most). These modifiers differ from the Weeklies' modifiers by affecting the playing style more than difficulty (Even though some of them do add / subtract difficulty). They should be optional, though. Replace the difficulty screen with a modifier amount screen, being able to choose between 0-3 modifiers. Examples of possible modifier types, with example modifiers: -Weapon Restriction (Certain type of weapon becomes less effective): --- "Auto Rifle Restriction" = Auto Rifle damage decreased by 40% ---"Heavy Weapon Restriction" = Heavy Weapon damage decreased by 60% -Perk / Skill Restrictions (Certain type of perk / skill becomes ineffective / cannot be used) ---"Super Restriction" = Supers cannot be activated -Buff ---"Brawler" = Guardians' melee damage increased ---"Rejuvenation" = Super energy charges faster ---"Ammo Heaven" = Ammo drop rates are highter ---"Free Fall" = Mid-Air damage output and accuracy increased. -Debuff ---"Thirst" = Super energy does not recharge automatically ---"Starvation" = Health recharges slower ---"Scatterbrain" = Lose ammo upon death. -Double-edged ---"Glass cannon" = All damage increased ---"Cowbell" = Explosive effects increased ---"Bare-fisted" = Guardians' melee damage increased, melee abilities do not activate ---"VIP" = One player is VIP, who does increased damage and has higher damage resistance, but in death must be resurrected in ten seconds. ---"Medkit" = All players are brought back to full health upon death, but each death reduces one medkit (From a stock of x). After the medkit counter hits zero, players cannot respawn and must be revived. ---"Death is the only way" = Health doesn't regenerate, allies cannot be revived. Respawn time is reduced. ---"Robber" = Melee kills reward ammo, ammo doesn't drop from enemies in other ways. -Random ---"Bee killer" = Enemies are colored black and yellow ---"A Little Nuke Never Hurt Nobody" = Certain explosive effects generate mushroom clouds ---"Just some junk" = Enemies turn into rusted junk upon death ---"Elementalizer" = All enemy shields change color randomly Think rolling "Sniper Restriction", "Brawler" and "Robber" for Devil's lair. No more camping in the roof to take out the Devil Walker. But once you get up, close and personal with some poor captain who will take your fist (Or magical bitch slap, if you're a warlock) in the face, they will drop quickly and probably give you some heavy ammo to take that beast out. Add your suggestions!

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