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10/28/2014 1:29:36 PM

New raid boss

Dear Bungie, I truly love the game , especially the PvE portion. However, the raid boss was not as creative as I would have liked. So for a new strike or raid boss( and possibly enemy type ) is the body thief. It will be a gaseous plant based type that will be found in the clouds of Jupiter. Normal missions against the enemy types will be on Jupiter's moons(plural for all of them), and the strike will be deep in the core of Jupiter. At the end of the raid, there will be a boss called the body thief. It will be a large cluster of vines with a centralized bulb that the inside of will be a weak spot when open. The thief will attempt to grab guardians as it floats around and if it successfully grabs one, their team gets a distress icon and 5 seconds to hit the vine. If the team fails, the guardian will be consumed by the Body Thief and create an exact duplicate of that guardian. This enemy will have all the gear of the consumed guardian and will aggressively attack the team. The copy will last for 30 seconds on normal until dissolving and allowing the guardian to respawn. On hard it last until killed. This will only happen to guardians that are killed by the boss. Spawning around the stadium will be normal enemies to damage the players normally. However, they will try to corral a player into the reach of the Boss. Enemy types will be the swarm, a collection of symbiotic organisms dependent on a core. It has no weapon, but closes to meele range to temporarily spread from the core and swarm over a player, blinding them and concentrating enemy fire. The core will be nearby and the player affected can barely see the glimmer of it so they have a chance to shoot it. Hitting the core once cancels the swarm and the guardian is free. More enemy types later

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