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10/25/2014 2:44:29 AM

Reef Weapons?

[b]Need for weapon and gear depth of lore?[/b] We have all done the Queens bounties, through her servant/emissary "Petra"(and excuse me if I am incorrect) Venj? and gotten the rare weapons, shaders, and class armor. But come on? Were they really impressive at all, I for one liked the background and added lore that fit in with The Queen's debt that we owed her for her-selfish, but helpful, assistance in the Black Garden coordinates- but the weapons "rare" as they are, seemed to be only symbols of your Queen reputation gained. We all know when the darkness came, the humans fled to "the last place the light touches" also affectionately known as "The Reef" These fleets of space traveling ships were built either for transportation or Military needs, so they obviously held some weaponry from the "Golden Age" and why wouldn't they? I say that the people back at Bungie hear this theory as hopefully create some more depth either through items placed in Destiny or at least an article/leak that would consider or hint that there may or may not be such things Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think about it, don't be shy to tell me my theory is stupid or ludicrous, and tell me what some of your theories may be! -Dawn

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