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Изменено (LiasisGray): 10/18/2014 5:58:37 AM

The Pleiades Order is now recruiting for all levels of skill! (XBOX ONE)

Do you enjoy adventure? Do you enjoy perfecting your skills in a dedicated environment with other like-minded players? Do you enjoy not being a jerk? Then The Pleiades Order has an open spot for you! We are a dedicated clan of Guardians who look to expand their play experience through forming bonds with other players. We are currently looking for members of all skill levels to complete all activities from casual Bounty runs, Heroics, Nightfalls, Raids, Strikes, PvP, and more! I can give you a little background about myself as a Leader, and Destiny enthusiast. I have been playing since day one of launch, and haven't played another single game since that day. I try to put in about 4 hours a day in the evening, since my job has pretty long hours, but I'm psyched to hop on and play pretty much any time I'm available. I've downed the raid boss about 3 times with random groups, and am ready to form a team of raiders who work together, and are familiar with each other's play styles. I'm familiar with most content in the game, and have beaten the story as well as every strike and nightfall since the start of the game. I will do my homework to figure out the easiest path to victory, and will exert patience and fortitude in the face of adversity. I'm more than happy to run low levels through harder content, and share what I know about farming circuits and good engram spots. I have 3 characters to run with as follows: - 28 Titan - 27 Warlock - 11 Hunter My hope is to get all 3 of these characters to max level so I can make as many profitable Raid and Strike runs a week as possible. With that being said, no matter your level of Casual-to-Hardcore, you're welcome in the walls of The Pleiades Order. We will be sorting out the most compatible raid times and meet up schedules once people start joining on. We're serious about destiny, and we're serious about having fun. We look forward to having you on board, Guardian.

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