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Изменено (Sufinsil): 10/15/2014 2:55:49 PM

XVO Timebreaker - Sparrow Overdrive boost

My last Atheon I obtained the Legendary sparrow, XVO "Timebreaker" 120 durabilty A little less speed than an upgraded Rare>Legendary sparrow Overdrive (L2+R2) replaces the Air Brake The Timebreaker sports a blue contrail and a purple contrail (while in Overdrive). Skin is red wings and yellow body. Overdrive is a bigger boost than the standard. It does have the limitation (or is it) in that Overdrive can overheat and cause your sparrow to tear itself apart into a fiery explosion. Fun ensues. Link to embedded video: [url=]Timebreaker on Old Earth[/url]

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