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10/7/2014 5:26:54 PM

The SlickShooters are back! Xbox one. You will be spoiled!

The highly competitive, usually turning casual without thought clan from halo's 3-4 is here for destiny. The clan (SlickShooters) use to be huge and unfortunately dismantled due to real life issues and time. But are back! Soon with full website and currently have. YouTube page. Starting this clan for destiny currently only has one requirement. PLAYING THE GAME. No, not all day everyday. But enough ours to make bonds and do raids etc. Good news though! The first 10-20 people that join will be added to the clans new intro video for destiny which is currently in the making and will be done as soon as the spots for names fill up. If you're in the SlickShooters clan you will be spoiled! From your own videos shaping just your guardian off from clips or montages to your very own hd computer background custom made by yours truly. I am more than decent with many editing softwares. Join now and fast. Because once a certain number is hit then requirements will be needed to join. Like testing etc. But for now, just message me on xbox one "TheChocolateAxe" saying "SS" or "SlickShooters" and add me. We will start playing and building up our team. We will do all weekly events and raids, helping one another even if it has already been done by others. Please please please be level 25 or higher. That is what I would prefer as of right now. Thank you so much guys. Can't wait to get big again:)

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