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Изменено (Qmin4t0r): 9/29/2014 7:27:00 PM

Account rolled back!

So, I just logged in this evening once I got home from work. It seems I've lost a couple of the upgrades on my gear, two exotic weapons (exotic pulse rifle from the bounty and the auto rifle from Xûr), an exotic helm (from Xûr as well) and my material upgrades which I've spent hours to farm. I even lost all of the materials I got from VoG last week. It seems it's all lost both in-game and on I visited my account through the App at work with no problems detected. That was 6 hours earlier today. I was still level 28 and had all of my gear. What's going on here, Bungie? Is there any way I can fix this myself? Sincerely, Qmin4t0r Playstation Network Account: Q-min4t0r

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