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Изменено (WARF4CE): 9/29/2014 7:51:18 PM

Account rolled back

EDIT#2: issue has been resolved and my account returned to how it was when I logged off yesterday. Much thanks to the Bungie help team! Fyi as I was looking at my rolled back account trying to see what I had lost I was kicked with a centipede error. Not sure if that was the cause or not but just providing information. Hopefully my stuff stays put this time. I logged into the Destiny app on my phone this morning and it appears that my account has been rolled back by at least a week. This is quite distressing as I've lost a couple of pieces of exotic gear, legendary gear, rep, time and so on. I'm not sure if it's related to the centipede bug as I'm at work and cannot check on the 360/XB1. A resolution would be appreciated. Gamertag: WARF4CE System: Xbox 360 / Xbox One EDIT: Got home after work and was able to check my account and it has indeed been rolled back. My items are gone. My rep is gone. The exotic bounty mission i was on is gone. Everything that I've done for the post week is gone. Not cool at all. Very unhappy right now.
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