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9/29/2014 9:09:43 AM

My account got rolled back

I just logged in on destiny and I see all the progress that I made this weekend is gone. I bought the new exotic auto rifle, exotic helmet for the hunter, and an exotic engram from Xur. Plus I completed the raid all the way up to Atheon. I managed to get the raid gauntlets and leg armor which are now missing. I now see that I still have all my strange coins and motes of light that I used to purchase those exotic items. So it looks like my character has been rolled back to a previous save. I also had a titan character. I worked all weekend to get that titan to level 21 with the exotic helmet that I got from that exotic engram. I had all the crucible and vanguard marks capped. My reputation for the queen's wrath was close to being ranked 2. Now that rank is barely above rank 1. Please help me get my characters back to a more recent save. I have put in so many hours to progress my characters.

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