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Изменено (CSTyranT): 9/26/2014 9:20:06 PM

[XBOX1] Original MC looking for casuals

Hey all, I just wanted to make a clan that was fairly casual so I started this today and a couple of local friends will be joining tonight. We can't be on every night of the week, we can't be on for 5-6 hours at a time (for the most part), so we're just looking for people who can play occasionally and won't get upset that their clan buddies are on 24/7 like themselves to whine and complain. We've got a couple of dads (with multiple kids, even) and have lives on the weekend with our wives and girlfriends, so yes, SUPER casual at times. A clan like this may already be out there, so not meaning to be redundant here. Eventually want to carve out some time to raid (not on a set night or time), but not a big deal if it takes a while. All levels are welcome! No requirements really, just be older (see, mature), and have some fun. If you have experience with raids or end-game type activities in MMOs, please feel free to join, too. Just know our casual game play might interfere with your "world first" mindset. :) Thanks and look forward to meeting anyone interested.

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