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9/25/2014 5:20:19 PM

my destiny exp so far

Hi everyone I would like to share my experience with destiny so far. As a fan of bungie's work with the halo series, I came into destiny with large expectations and high hopes. It is my opinion that they did [u]not[/u] disappoint, and here's why: -the smallest details are put into every aspect of the game. If I stand in tall grass in the cosmodrome surrounded by dragonfly's, pull out my sniper and zoom in on some fallen, I can still see the dragonfly's in my scope flying in and out of my sight as they hover around me. --with the hand cannon (personal favorite) when I look down my iron sights and slightly pull my R2 I can watch my hammer pull back and I can hold it there until I'm ready to blast off my foes head, or if someone beats me to the kill I can release and save my ammo. -- on Venus the vines climbing the walls of a ruin you can see the leaves blowing in the wind. I could go on about the meticulous detail Destiny's creators put into the game, but the majority of you have experienced it yourselves. - the combat is very fluid, one might go as far as to say flawless, each enemy has it's weak points or techniques to eliminate effectively/ efficiently. -- the bosses are often described as over powered or non rewarding to beat, but I like them, these enemies are enemies of the light, if they were easy to defeat they wouldn't have chased the traveler to our galaxy, the traveler is a being of tremendous power yet it fled them. so for me the bosses are well done can it be frustrating to die when they themselves are almost dead yes! But if the game held my hand every time I scraped my knee or got frustrated (which was never at the game but at myself for falling to the darkness) then I wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much as I have. -- I am yet to try a raid, but look forward to it very much, my hunter is only level 22 and is my only character so far. I've heard great things and look forward to the challenge of the raid. - people often say that this class is better then that class but Bungie has done an excellent job at balancing them. In pvp when people whine and complain about the warlocks special, I often get a chuckle because if they weren't all huddled in a capture point the warlock would have killed 1 maybe 2 of them making it no better then say the hunter whom can over penetrate with a golden bullet made from the sun and cause it's victims to explode. I would say it's all chance but the experienced gamer doesn't think about what they should do or where they should go but thinks to themselves , ok if I were my opponent where would I go what would I do, and they kill an entire team in a matter of seconds, not because 1 class is better then another but because they have skill! - I think the story gets the most criticism out of any other part of the game, but people had it in their minds that ok I play through this game and "beat" it on day one I'll be first to see and experience it all! Well news flash that's not what this game is, destiny is a living and evolving world. I could be wrong on this thought but it is my thought that their is a bunch of things Bungie has hidden from the world and will release through time much like the vault of glass and the queens bounties, those who say they have beat the game they can now trade it in are missing out on the game in its entirety. They've nearly scratched the surface of what the game is/ will be. I feel this is a good place to end my first thoughts, to those of you who took the time to read it I hope you enjoyed it. I look forward to hearing others thoughts or opinions in the comments. I also hope this is the right place to post something like this as I have never done it before and am using the destiny app.

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