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Forum/Group Rules

Please abide by the rules when posting and interacting within the group. 1. Use some common sense: Post things in the right forum/thread, stay on topic, don't post pointless crap, don't be a jerk/troll/dick to people, don't harass/flame other members, don't spam, and generally behave. 2. Similarly, if you see someone trolling or being a jerk or anything else mentioned in rule number 1, DO NOT respond in kind; dealing with people breaking the rules is our job as mods and admins, not your job, so let us know about it and let us deal with it. 3. Use proper spelling and grammar. 4. Listen to the admins. 5. Do not post the same text/images in every post to try to be like a signature. 6. No promoting other clans/groups. 7. The following topics/behaviors are off limits in all parts of this site, unless created by a mod/admin/staff member: -Threads to say, "hi", or that you love us. -Versus threads, Favorites threads, etc. -Duplicate/repetitive topics. USE THE SEARCH FEATURE. -Anything NSFW -Piracy, mod chipping, theft or any other illegal activity. -Any kind of race to _____ threads, any kind of chain letters, or tag. -If it sounds like a bad idea, don't post it. If you have any suggestions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message. All admins of the group are Rooster Teeth employees.

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