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Hows the Public Event system threating you?

Got many so far? I guess some people farm them using the online tool. Above is my first Event in this game when I just started and when looking at it I wasnt really helpful and I seemed very unskilled xD Hopefully you'll understand I can do much better with my PvP vids as proof hehe. Anyone got non-gold rating for succesfully completing one? I got Silver and Bronze but only when failed and even got Gold for complting a already half downed boss. I hope there will be more variety than the 4 type of Events I did so far. 1- Devil Walker who stays on one spot. 2- Enemy that walks to checkpoints 3-Uplink 4-Waves on different spots. I am kinda hoping for a more organized event that only triggers when theres 6 people around where loads of enemies spawn in 3 waves and if you survive you win gold. Also wouldnt it be great if the tower would be attacked and 16 people + guards have to defend it from a monster whos name is just to gross to speak out loud and looks like a massive Ogre made of steel who during the fight gets the urge to dance like hes doing a unboxing video of MoreConsole. That would be so epic.

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