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Core Element Gaming[Playstation 4] -( USA, East Coast based) LOOKING FOR RECRUITS! PVP, STRIKE, RAIDS!

Core Element Gaming is a gaming community that wants to achieve the maximum potential of a game. Whether youre chasing down those rare equipment pieces or bruising down some Guardians in the crucible we want to help give you that extra dial of fun by teaming you up with players that want the same. We are a highly communicative community and the majority do have mics. If you are interested in joining our little faction please go ahead and send me a message! A little about myself - I am a long time bungie fan (since h1 ce) I am very active and very competitive. I love to spend most of my time in the crucible helping other players learn the game to the best of their ability - unfortunately most Guardians lack a mic. I'd love to help those in need or those that are looking to level up their game. I am a level 23 Titan defender class!

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