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Изменено (PUNISHER916): 9/13/2014 6:45:02 PM

Small Guild (PS3)

Want to start off with a small guild and build your way through the ranks? Head over to PUNISHER_916, SINON_916, or Snowy_Cookie on PSN. We do a little bit of everything. Punisher and Snowy have beaten the game a few times. We do strikes, crucible, chest searching, public events, scour the galaxy for legendary weapons and armor with light. If you're interested don't hesitate. You can msg Punisher with as many questions about the guild, what were about and so on, all you like. Req.: Min lvl 10 Min age 17 A good attitude Willingness to help others No loot hogging Share helpful info Working headset There will be a 3 day trial period with whomever joins up. If in any of the 3 trial days (playtime, you must be active, does not require 3 straight days) we find you unsuitable you will be removed from the clan. You can try for the clan again in a weeks time from the removal.

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