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Изменено (Reaganite): 7/16/2013 5:56:24 AM

*OFFICIAL* Destiny PREQUAL Soundtrack Available This Summer! *UPDATE*

Hey everyone, I am surprised so many people missed this. Marty has announced that he will be releasing an album of Destiny music THIS summer! The album will be called "Music of the Spheres" Strange that they are releasing it so far before the game. I'm thinking this might be a volume one or something like that. Maybe they have a lot of music for this game and will be releasing multiple CD's? I assume we'll hear a more formal announcement and get more information on Bungie Day. So what do you all think? Discuss! UPDATE In news pertaining to my other topic ( join in on the convo!) We discovered more about Music of the Spheres from Polygon: Here is the excerpt about the music: "Marty O'Donnell, audio director at Bungie, says Video Games Live will premiere Destiny's "Music of the Spheres," a musical suite that serves "as a prequel to the game itself."" A prequel sounds very interesting! What are your thoughts? Discuss! (By the way the guy I argued with about the album...I told you it wasn't a sample album of the full OST ;) )

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