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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
8/28/2014 6:56:17 PM

Chapter 3 - First Boss Fight

Idea from McBitties As a writer I like to acclaim my stories closely to my interests at the time. I’ve been on the Destiny hype for who knows how long. Too long I believe; I need to get my fix somehow. In Destiny I’ll be playing a hunter class after playing a main warlock in the alpha and beta, and mainly a titan in the alpha. My writing will derive from my experiences in the tests and my fantasies that I’d like to happen in Destiny. Let’s begin. (I haven’t wrote anything besides some poetry lately, so forgive me if anything is grammatically incorrect.) Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Boss Fight I hang back until my grenade is refilled. Once set, I spring off into the battle against two dregs. I save my grenade and instead lay them down with a full magazine of ammo. My eyes follow the second dreg as he falls down. Before I can breath back in I see more activity on my motion detector. I look up to see two more dreg accompanied by a vandal funneling in through a doorway. My left hand releases the rifle and I swing it over my head to throw my grenade into the passage. The grenade forms like earlier and leaves my hand to fly. I watch it travel towards the alien bandits. The grenade hits the vandal in the face then bounces off and falls to the ground. The small squad ducks and covers their head as I’m sure they were instructed in their survival training but it’s futile. The incendiary grenade unleashes it’s heat and the squad is blown away. Their health-bars disappear on my HUD as I insert another magazine into the Khvostov. I round another left on the corner and I gaze up to see the wrecked jumpship, still and lifeless, in front of me. I see from the roof the Devil Captain jump down into the room. He may be just code, but his goal is to end my life and I know it. I aim down my cracked sights yet again and start unleashing the extent of my damage into his direction. He blinks to his left to cover behind a crate. I check my lower left HUD and see my grenade is halfway charged. Khvostov doesn’t let up as it unleashes another full magazine on some low level dreg. I dash to the right behind a pillar to take cover. I hear energy rounds puncturing the concrete I’m depending on. I peer out and release another burst of carnage onto a vandal’s skull. Once I see his soul begin to start ascending I slide left back into cover of the pillar. I reload again and then look onto my motion radar to see the middle circle is blinking red! I turn towards right as I see the gaping hole in the wall I’m met by an energized cutlass to my chest. I’m thrown back to the bottom of the stairs but I quickly regain my stability. I aim down the sights and begin to shoot at the captain’s shield. He gives no indicator that my rounds are even physically harming him as lower ranks have. He blinks to my left off of the rusted platform. I sprint back up the platform and jump onto the crate. In a split-second I pinpoint the captain’s location. He’s in front of me. I jump backwards, off of the crate as the captain jumps up onto the crate to where I was standing. As I fall down towards the ground I swing my left arm over my head again and watch as my light - my power - is focused into this grenade. The grenade lands on the crate and blast the captain within distance. The captain’s shield is now disintegrated and he tries to reorient himself as the burn wears him down I aim atop the crate and unleash hell into his chest. The rounds pierce him and he falls immediately. His health-bar disappears from my HUD, like the other Fallens. The cutscene quickly induces from my first-person perspective as opposed to the third-person. My body moves on it’s own and I can take a minute to relax for the first time since I first woke up. After the cutscene I find myself in the tower with a message from the postmaster. I head there first without hesitation to find a “message of inheritance”. I open the message and it reads:

“This is not an accident and you are not alone. Right now your tower server is linked to five other guardians who we’ve chosen for this specific mission. Once all of you are gathered in the tower we will join and explain. Until then, rest up.”

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