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8/16/2014 4:37:27 AM

Looking to rejuvenate my OG Xbox Library

WOW it has been so long since I was last here and I don't know where anything is now...well I managed to post this thread so I guess I'm getting somewhere.... Anyway, I grew up with an original xbox for the most part, having got it 10 years ago now on my 9th birthday, however, I never grew up with any good games outside of Pac-Man world 2 and later THUG 2 and battlefront 2, other than those three and maybe a couple others, I usually got shovelware or movie licensed games for my little brothers to play (yeah their dad (my stepdad at the time) let them play my Xbox and I couldn't do anything about it). So now that its been so many years I'm looking to make myself a worthy collection for the OG Xbox, and I need some suggestions as for games to add it to it. I have a few in mind already but I wanna hear from you guys The three good games I've mentioned before were destroyed by my little brothers years ago so that already adds 3 games to the list I'm Especially looking for - - Hidden Gems/Obscure titles - Open ended/open world games - Action RPGs (other than morrowind) - Maybe some FPSs to mix it up a bit Lemme here what you got

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