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Изменено (Shirley): 12/28/2013 11:44:13 PM

How to get guilt off your chest? :/

So, today at the gym I was walking by this one black guy. He ended up letting out a really loud fart out of nowhere and it was seriously startling, causing me to turn and stare at him with a stunned look for about a second before walking off. I held a straight face until I got to my destination, the cardio section, and let out a few chuckles. But in actuality, I felt kinda bad for him. I didn't let him know I laughed, but he still saw me stare at him for that brief moment before leaving his presence. Not only was it that he caught me offguard with a fart, but this same individual is friends with my dad, and it'll be awkward next time they talk with me around. So how would I go about relieving myself of the guilt, and also how would I go about standing around him without feeling awkward?

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