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7/25/2014 7:24:47 AM

"Set Destination" page suggestion

Ill start by saying that I love the Destiny beta and I have played, admittedly, way too much of it already (xbone) and i have a suggestion for Bungie regarding the "set destination" page ]. On this page where you have your party information in the top right corner and your ship in view in orbit around earth , I would suggest - if its at all possible technically - to have the ship actually orbit the planet and have the sun disappear and reappear. I realize this is a minor thing but having spent so much time with the game already, it stands out a lot when partying up with friends. I love bungie for their ability to bring sci-fi stories to life and make them believable and i think should a change be possible, that it would contribute to that very same believability. -On a side note, get rid of invisible boundaries! I realize its to keep the players from seeing terrain that is meant to be seen from a distance but that kind of open exploration (which would be fantastic with the sparrow)ithat was one of my favorite things from the early halo games and would be a great for would be adventurers ( especially in such a beautifully crafted world!!). Regardless, Thankyou Bungie for making such a wonderful game -Wardo

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