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6/20/2014 3:31:19 PM

Looking for someone to play with during Beta/Full release? Sign up here!

Since Destiny is a game designed to play co-operatively, I figured I'd make this post for anyone out there who doesn't usually game with other people and would like to team up in preparation for beta/full release. Simply leave your platform of choice, and your PSN ID/Gamertag. Then list what you're preferred game modes (Multiplayer PvP, Strikes/Raids, Exploring/Story) are from most to least favourite, that way people with similar interests can team up and play together. Or if you don't mind or like them all, just put "Everything". Example: Platform: PS4 PSN ID: FraserBaws Preferred Game modes (most to least favourite): - Exploring/Story - Strikes/Raids - Multiplayer PvP Hope this is of some use to people and I look forward to seeing you all when the beta launches in a few weeks! :)

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