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Combat Mission: Red Thunder Demo!

[url][/url] Battlefront recently released a demo for there newest game and I think this is a great opportunity to get more people into this genre of war game. The demo contains two scenarios "Tankovi Descant" and "Monster mash", Tankovi involves a group of Russian tank riders and there T-34-85's attempting to capture a German held ford and bridge. "Monster Mash" pits a large German kampfgruppe panzer force against a Russian tank regiment in a massive battle. The demo includes a very detailed manual (Yes these still exist), to help you along with learning the game, and feel free to ask me questions on here as well if you are interested. I included a great walkthrough video of one of the many great scenarios included in the main game "Red Hordes", whenever you think of the Eastern Front you think large amounts of Russian tanks attacking hopeless German positions and this guy plays it from the German side! Combat Mission is a series of simulator rts games that focuses on the tactics, strategy, and weapons of war in merciless detail, in this case Operation Bagration which was a Soviet offensive that began on June 22n'd, 1944, which led the Red army to the gates of Berlin. The game contains two campaigns one German and one Soviet, (A German campaign you say? Yes its nice to be able to play from the other side for once) and a quick mission builder that is easy to use and literally provides endless entertainment as you pick and choose your forces on tons of maps. So here is my pitch for all of you to try out something new, Combat Mission doesn't require a super computer to play, and is unlike anything you have probably played, give it a shot and I will be here to answer questions! I should also note, CM: Battle for Normandy, and CM: Fortress Italy also have demos if you prefer that theater of war.

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